The Organization, AOPA announced fly-in locations and dates for 2014 in their February magazine. The one in Texas is in the Spring.  The April 26th date is set for San Marcos, Texas.  I wanted to fly down in advance to check out the airport, the FBO and get the lay of the land so to speak. besides I love the hill country.  I have a list of pilots that want to take a flight with me in my EZ and so I started last week to see who would want to go on a flying adventure with me.  Terry Gonder answered the call. Terry and I learned to fly at the same time in the same club.  He ended up getting his ticket first. But of late he has not flown much.  So in checking, he got a kitchen pass and attended our NTXFC club meeting and afterward we headed to my hanger.  After a pre-flight and pilot briefing we proceeded to board the Stagger EZ.  Terry was not the same size guy I remembered when we worked at EDS. I was getting pretty concerned that he would bow out of flying citing not enough room – in the seat! He finally managed to wedge himself in and said he was ready to get “this show on the road!” I said OK. and so the following data and comments are from Terry on our flight last Saturday February 15th, 2014. It was a very pretty day to go flying. One note, I had my mini IPad set up for Terry but I forgot to turn on the remote bad Elf GPS, so it was in-op. My bad.
Terry: “Here is the info I captured on the flight to KHYI and back to KTKI. Hope this is what you wanted.
I did not capture the waypoint locations or times since it was all automated on the iFLY GPS.
You’ll have to add your Hobbs readings from your records.
Depart KTKI to KHYI:
Engine Start:      12:05
Off at:                   12:20
Requested flight following at 4500
Passed to Regional Approach – kept at 3500 due to DFW Class B
Passed to Waco Approach –  cleared to 4500
Passed to another Approach (did not catch the name – Houston?) (It was Grey Approach)
Passed to Austin Approach
Passed to KYI Control Tower
KHSI directed us to runway 17 and call a left base two miles out
Determined too high. Countered with a right 360 turn to reduce altitude and straight in for 17.
KHSI cleared
Landed KHSI, taxi across 13 to Charlie and follow to Sky Harbor FBO
Engine Stop:       14:04
Total Time:          1 Hour, 59 Minutes

Dealt with a headwind from the south the entire trip, contributing to the longer than anticipated flight.
Obtained loaner car from FBO with instructions to Tap House Pub & Grill. 
Superb service, food and prices (though the small kitchen caused a long wait for food – it was worth it!).
Have to return for an over-night to try a few of their on tap offerings!
Returned to KHYI and Sky Harbor FBO to return car and obtain fuel. 
The staff and service at Sky Harbor was excellent, both friendly and professional. 
No self-service on the fuel. It was ~$5.90 a gallon.
Depart KHYI to KTKI:
Engine Start:      ~16:55
Off at:                   17:10
Requested flight following at 7500
Passed to Austin Approach – cleared to 7500
Passed to Houston Approach
Passed to Waco Approach
Passed to Regional Approach – descend to 3500 for DFW Class B
Deleted waypoint KHQZ, more direct route to KTKI
Passed to KTKI 8 miles out
KTKI offered straight in to runway 36. Winds 220/12.
Declined runway 36 and set for a downwind left entry to runway 18.
Smooth “night” landing on 18.
Exited runway 18 at B4, taxied to South Hanger 304.
Engine Stop:       18:33
Total Time:          1 Hour, 38 Minutes

David requested assistance moving planes from FBO on UNICOM 122.95 and bedded down the Stagger EZ for the night.
We had a tailwind from the south the entire flight. Our top speed was 210kts over the ground.
Notes on the flight:
The ride was smooth, loved the acceleration, and she appeared to be an easy responsive plane. I was impressed with how it handled the turbulence we encountered.
I was also impressed with your overall knowledge and handling of the aircraft. Nice job of piloting!
The only inconvenience of the day (besides the wait at lunch) was due to the fact that the original designer of the plane was a much smaller fellow than myself.
I now have an objective to reshape myself and be able to comfortably fit in the right seat of this aircraft! I want a chance at that left stick!
Overall this was a great day! Not only was the flying great, but the company was pretty excellent too!
Thank you so very much for the opportunity to share this flight. I look forward to any chance to fly with you in the future!”

Thanks Terry for your patience and trust to fly with me. Cheers!