After only a few hours after returning from Rough River, Kentucky it was apparent I needed to ground the StaggerEZ again. I noticed a heat blister on the new propeller. Darn it! I don’t need the engine cooking the prop! That new exhaust is putting heat on the prop. That can’t stand. Also the Ellison throttle body , (carb) was too rich in the take off setting. It needed proper adjusting since installation on the newly rebuilt engine. Also I have had these new Aeroleds Navigation/recognition lights. I’ve had the tower tell other planes in the pattern they are number two behind the experimental canard on final. Trouble is, those planes never see me. They don’t turn base to final and continue their upwind until the tower lets them know my plane is on short final and they are good to make their turn to base. That tells me my plane is hard to see and spot in the air. I wanted my mechanic to install the lights, look at the heat issue on the prop and fix the mixture on the carb.

James, marked the opening for wig-wag switch, drilled pilot hole, opened hole to final

dimensions, filed edges. He drilled a hole in the second bulkhead for

wire passage, and secured wires. Stripped and terminated wires,

connected to switch, installed switch. Tested system. Closed

wing end caps. Re-installed canard, re-connected antenna

leads and other items. Connected trim and elevator torque tube

connections. Tested flight controls. Cleaned up area. Towed

aircraft to hangar. The airplane is now back on line.